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September 19, 2018

Informed Delivery — Email Marketing’s Newest Tool

Here are a few key updates to our the original post.

Informed Delivery is a great tool to add touches to your mail campaign. Better yet, the USPS is currently offering this for no fees!  However, it takes a little know how to get it up and running with the USPS. We can help you add this to your next campaign. Contact us today for more information. Add “Informed Delivery” to your message, and we’ll be sure to get the right team member in touch with you.

What is it?

Essentially, it is an email notification from the USPS to consumers who opt to receive daily emails of images of their inbound mail.

Consumers will see:

• Colored images (something like a display ad) from advertisers who are sending you marketing mail 

• Greyscale images of the front of the envelopes, marketing mail or packages you are receiving today

• Package Tracking information

Marketers can include:

• Ads (USPS is calling this a “ride along” image) with full digital interactive. You can launch a video, add downloads, send them to social media links, etc.

New Information for Consumers

• Informed delivery is now available for those who have PO Boxes

• Informed delivery now allows you to track packages — even reschedule a missed delivery online

Informed Delivery for Business Mailers, Agencies & Marketers

The USPS has an excellent, highly informative video. Start by viewing the video.  If you already have a business gateway account or use PostalOne!, you can upload your own information.  If you need help navigating this to include this powerful, free marketing touchpoint, contact us and we’ll get you started today!

Download the USPS Informed Delivery Interactive Campaign Guide or the Informed Delivery Campaign Image Requirements


Written by Michelle Toivonen, Director of Strategic Marketing

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