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Mail+ gets your story told: Creating, producing, assembling and delivering your direct marketing messages

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direct marketing services

If you ever use the words “print,” “deliver,” “message” or “mail” when talking about your direct marketing project, we can save you time, hassle and impact your costs. Creating, producing, assembling and delivering your direct mail project: Midwest’s Lettershop can handle it, right down to designing your direct marketing plan.

We specialize in direct marketing solutions and mailing services ranging from straightforward “insert and mail” jobs, to custom full-color production, variably printed and personalized mailers with an accompanying personalized URL (pURL) campaign … and everything in between!

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Designing, printing, addressing, cutting, collating, folding, matching, inserting, sealing, gluing, tabbing, metering, stamping, sorting, bundling, palletizing and mailing – we do it all day, every day in our Lettershop. Whether you use our in-house printing services, or send us your pre-printed direct mail materials, we’ll get your mail project done, done right and relieve you of the mundane project management complexities. We frequently turn large and small jobs around in a single day. No matter how complicated your integrated direct marketing project is, we’ve got your back.

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Midwest Direct mail services can manage your:
  • + Personalized direct mail campaigns needing created, produced, assembled and delivered
  • + Full-color printing with variable data 
  • + Invoice / statement processing
  • + Bindery, lettershop, mailpiece creation and mail service needs
  • + Inserting, folding, kitting and converting
  • + Electronic Certified Mail®
  • + Pressure-sealed mail