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Who is my account executive / customer service rep?

If you do not know who handles your account, contact Customer Services at 216-251-2500. They will help you get in contact with your AE.

How do I get a quote?

Fill out the contact form, or call us at 216-251-2500 so we can learn more about your project and get you a quote.

Why should I use your services?

Good question! We’re like the unseen person behind the curtain managing project complexities that you don’t have time for so you can focus on doing your job. Because of our experience and technology, we can impact the costs of creating and delivering your messages and communications.

Are you saying direct marketing is complex?

Yes! Multichannel direct marketing is full of confusing words and acronyms like CASS, BRC, CPM and NCOA. So we created a glossary of direct marketing terms to explain and demystify them so you can CTYCEEASF (Communicate To Your Customers Effectively, Efficiently And Stress-Free.)

glossary of direct marketing terms

+ Download pdf of Glossary of Direct Marketing Terms

+ Check out our How To direct marketing and direct mail series for beginners



What our clients say about Midwest Direct:

“This level of service speaks well of you and your organization. This is especially true, when you consider that our mailings are diverse in scope and nature, often requiring numerous considerations. Further, the ability of your operation to successfully juggle projects for us, while maintaining the piece’s quality and integrity is worthy of praise.”

—Dan Barney, Director of Diocesan Annual Reports, The Catholic Diocese of Cleveland Foundation


“We have been using your presort services for 11 months and have realized a postage savings of over $23,000! Keep up the good work!”

—Donna K. Harvey, Office Manager, Self-Funded Plans, Inc.


“The Academy of Medicine of Cleveland/Northern Ohio Medical Association has been using your presort mailing services for several years and has been very satisfied with Midwest’s customer serice and efficient processing of our mail.”

—Karen Sulyok, Operations Manager, The Academy of Medicine Cleveland, Northern Ohio Medical Association


“Everyone from your sales staff, accounting department and dispatch desk has continued to show an above average level of service. I also enjoy the good-natured, pleasant and expedient attitude of your delivery team.”

—Randolph C. Wines, Mailroom/Shipping Manager, Greater Cleveland Growth Association


“Through the efforts of your fine organization, drop dates have been timely and billing and mailing information exact and precise. I commend you on a job well done.”

—Eileen M. Schaller, Chief Clerk 1, City of Pittsburgh Department of Finance


“It is clear that you have some great people that put a positive face on your company. As you know, that’s something that money can’t buy.”

—Bob Emans, General Manager/Sales, Weekleys Mailing Services, Inc.