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Your audience is connected.

Reach them where they are, online and offline, with digital marketing solutions.

digital marketing solutions

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Is reaching your target audience getting more difficult? Midwest Direct understands your challenges and offers digital marketing tools that help you deliver your digital and graphic messages to a connected world.

Integrated digital communications is an ideal supplement to traditional print campaigns and results in immediate action by your customer. Plus, digital marketing services are trackable and measureable.

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digital campaigns

Midwest Direct can help you create unique variable data communications that drive traffic to your personalized URLs (pURLs), which are designed in the same style as your direct mail marketing pieces, creating true multichannel marketing and delivering better leads to your organization.

We can also create an augmented reality experience based on your direct mail that, when scanned with a smartphone or tablet, can overlay digital information to engage your customers. Augmented reality displays digital information such as images, video, and links to your online media that inspire, influence and motivate your customers.

Deliver your digital messages and connect with your target audience, regardless of their location, to promote your products and services with Digital+ marketing solutions.

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integrated digital communications

Midwest Direct digital services reach your connected audience:
  • + Email design and customization
  • + Digital Post+ for IP Targeting and Online Advertising
  • + Personalized URLs (pURLs)
  • + QR code creation and delivery
  • + Augmented reality design and execution
  • + Variable data (VDP) for print and digital messages
  • + Integrate your print and digital campaigns