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February 9, 2016

USPS Lowering Postage Rates this Spring


lower postage rates

Absent action from Congress, the USPS announced it is set to lower postage prices this Spring. Postage rates will drop around April 10th, though a firm date isn’t set.

Quick History: The USPS argued the financial crisis, beginning in ’07, was reason to raise postage rates above the CPI. The Postal Regulatory Commission agreed – but set a cap on the revenue the USPS could raise from the temporary increase. Mailers sued, arguing the recession should have never justified an increase in the first place.

A federal appeals court ruled that the rates were justified, but added the temporary increases should not become permanent.

There are currently members of Congress working to make the exigency fees permanent; though, several direct mail groups and associations are opposing the legislation, and there’s doubt it will pass.

For more information visit the USPS website.


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