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December 23, 2015

Top Direct Marketing Trends for 2016

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When looking ahead at 2016, we see two interesting, related trends standing out: The rise of both direct mail and mobile – and the power they create together.

For years, direct mail was the go-to tactic in a direct marketing campaign; but, technology brought about cheaper digital channels: search, paid, email and the like.

It’s beginning to look as if things are coming full-circle, as consumers dictate how they prefer to communicate with brands. Many of those consumers are saying “I’ll take a physical mail piece, thanks.”

An interesting statistic came out of the DMA’s &Then conference, attended by Midwest’s business development team.  In the 2015 DMA Response Rate Report, it states that direct mail response rates were 3.7%, compared to 0.1 for email responses.

That’s an amazing statistic, but we’ve been tracking the direct mail is cool again trend for a while now. Millennials appreciate well-designed physical mail pieces, but of course you need to be personal, relevant, and using pristine data to maximize the direct mail channel.

Using direct mail to drive consumers online is set to increase in importance in direct marketers’ playbooks this year.

Enter trend two: Mobile’s continued meteoric rise.

Consumers are finding you through local search on their phones, then carrying these mini computers inside stores – to continue product research as they shop.

The second trend we’re thus following is the interplay between direct mail and mobile, and the direct marketing world’s growing awareness of being mobile-compliant.

Companies are realizing their direct mail digital campaign components need to be mobile-friendly. Smaller screens means a shorter message, simply delivered.

The new year looks to see both old and new tactics and direct marketing trends being employed by marketers, who are increasingly realizing the way their campaigns must move seamlessly across channels.

When mail is married together with mobile, the message becomes amplified, and so does ROI – even as you clean and collect data for the next campaign. Here’s to smarter integrated communications in 2016.

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