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November 10, 2014

Holiday Season: USPS Delivers Packages 7 Days a Week

Holiday Season

 Santa isn’t the only one delivering packages on Christmas Day this year!

“The Postal Service will be out making deliveries every single day during the holiday season, including Christmas Day,” according to Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe.

The Post Office has already declared that “Packages Are the Future” and expects double-digit growth in package volume this holiday season.  They recently announced it would deliver packages seven days a week between November 17 and Christmas Day. The 2014 holiday season is expected to bring 12% year-over-year parcel growth and will handle an estimated 750 million packages.

To ensure yours arrives in time, the Postal Service has issued the following deadlines for packages to reach their destinations by December 25:

December 2: First-Class Mail International and Priority Mail International

December 10: Priority Mail Express International

December 15: Standard Post

December 20: First-Class Mail/Priority Mail (domestic)

December 23: Priority Mail Express (domestic)


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