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January 19, 2016

Bad news!  By itself, your mail probably doesn’t qualify for the best postal discounts.      What can you do, to save on postage?     First, go ahead and produce your mail. (Lettershop Manager Sam Mazzola and VP of Sales Sean Gebbie run a letter inserter, while Customer Service Rep Al Brewer looks on) Read More

November 30, 2015

Understanding the difference between commingled mail and co-palletized mail is helpful for anyone involved in direct mailings. Commingled mail A commingled mailing is a blended mailing: Your mail is mixed with mail from other organizations in order to achieve USPS discounts.  Diverse clients, postage payment types, rates and mail piece weights are all strategically tossed Read More

October 22, 2015

What is an Intelligent Mail Barcode? In early 2014, the IMb™ replaced earlier USPS barcodes including the POSTNET™, ACS™ and PLANET™ barcodes.  The USPS’s vision behind the IMb is focused on offering mailers maximum visibility, and access to real-time data, for their mail pieces in the mail stream. Why do I care? The IMb is Read More