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November 21, 2018

Commingling your mail is a great way to add real value to your mail!  When your mail is mixed with mail with other organizations (commingled before mailing), you achieve a USPS discount.  At Midwest Direct, we take diverse client mailings, postage payment types, rates, and mail piece weights, then strategically commingle them before depositing at the USPS for distribution.  Read More

September 30, 2018

Today’s print buyer wants the best possible value delivered with their campaign. Midwest Direct enhances our print partners with complimentary marketing services, expanded data, and deep dive analytic offerings, outsourced print production and commingled mailing services. Our unique combination empowers print partners to offer increased value to their print clients. Marketing Services Your clients want Read More

July 27, 2018

If you were having trouble paying your personal bills each month, you would quickly figure out that you needed to make more money or cut expenses — and you might have a real sense of urgency about it. You might start shopping at different stores, buy a car with better gas mileage, etc. You would Read More

January 19, 2016

Bad news!  By itself, your mail probably doesn’t qualify for the best postal discounts.      What can you do, to save on postage?     First, go ahead and produce your mail. (Lettershop Manager Sam Mazzola and VP of Sales Sean Gebbie run a letter inserter, while Customer Service Rep Al Brewer looks on) Read More

January 14, 2016

The purpose of this blog post is to help our partners who are new to the process of commingling mail. If you take a moment and skim through these posts, you’ll hopefully have a better understanding of the mail commingling process. 1.  This first link is a simple and basic overview of commingling – Read More

December 28, 2015

How can you save money on postage?   Well in theory you could start by redesigning your mail pieces. There are different postage prices for postcards, letters, big letters (flats) and packages. The basic rule of thumb is the larger the piece, the more it will cost to mail. Or, you could send out your Read More

December 8, 2015

What you don’t know about commingling mail can cost you time and money! The mail industry is complex, and navigating the USPS can seem intimidating – to the point of stopping a lot of marketers, mailers and other organizations from realizing significant postal savings. Demystifying commingled mail may help you decide if it’s a good Read More

December 2, 2015

There’s a mailing term buzzing around the mail and print industry and we wanted to take a moment and explain it to our customers. Data-enriched commingled mail, and similar terms relating to data and mail commingling, are being touted as a new, critical commingling component.  This is half correct. Many mail comminglers have been using Read More