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October 14, 2015

Integrated Direct Marketing: A “new” classic combo

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In case you haven’t heard, print mail pieces are cool again thanks to great designs, and to smart technologies enhancing delivery and customer experience. And of course, digital marketing is increasing in impact and importance.  It’s when you combine classic mail pieces with smart digital marketing – and boom – an instant, powerful “new” marketing classic is born.

How it works

It starts with designing a great mail piece and a corresponding campaign. It could start with a simple postcard, or a personalized letter produced with variable printing. Your mail piece then directs customers to the Internet, to complete a sign up or receive an offer — whatever promotion you decide to run. Now you’ve not only completed a valuable business transaction, but you’ve tracked your customer across multiple channels – collecting invaluable data and analytics in the process!  All of these moving parts working together together create a beautiful marketing and data-collecting machine … making the print / digital combo an influential, persuasive and informative tool for marketers.We call it integrated direct marketing, but “classic marketing combo” works too.

Sitting in the Catbird Seat

Midwest is in a very fortunate position. Most digital marketers don’t know mail. And most mail houses and lettershops don’t know digital. Our expertise in both gives us an advantage over competitors, and we work hard to stay abreast of leading edge developments in both fields.

We’re serving our clients as a true multichannel communication partner, providing complete campaign delivery. Customers provide us with campaign specs or their design, data and dates, and we print their communications, prep the mail, create their emails and landing pages (with pURLs), generate QR codes, and deliver it all within their campaign dates. Now that’s a classically integrated direct marketing plan!

The times they are a changin’

As our customers’ behavior changes, so does the challenge of marketing to them effectively. We all recognize that smartphones and mobile devices have changed the marketing game for good: Direct mail, alone, is not always the most impactful tool for reaching our customers. Yes, older demographics use direct mail in statistically high rates; and, younger users find novelty and enjoyment in well-designed physical mail pieces. But those youngsters are more likely to prefer email and online communications. Technology is the bridge connecting print to the online world, spanning marketing mediums, demographics, trends and technology.

The gang’s all here

One of the neat things about our print and direct combination offerings is that it unites several of our Midwest departments. Design + gets involved early; Print + and Laser + coordinate with Data +, and Presort + gets the job out the door. Business development teams work with marketing, who works with customer service … this classic marketing combo brings together our entire company, for the benefit of our customers.This equals something like 200-plus years’ experience, on average, behind each project we produce.  We are not old, we are well-seasoned!

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