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12 Sure-Fire Ways to Use QR Codes in Your Direct Mail to Boost Customer Engagement and

response rates


Direct mail + digital marketing = more customer engagement and better response rates!

Did you know that 42% of direct mail recipients prefer to respond online? Direct mail is alive and well, and when combined with digital marketing tactics like QR codes, can really inspire, persuade, and motivate your customers. This paper is written to help bridge the gap between traditional direct marketing and digital marketing and offers suggestions on how to increase your customer engagement and response rates.

Download this complimentary white paper and learn:
  • + Why mobile content is so important
  • + More ways to use QR codes besides launching a web site
  • + How QR codes can shorten your sales cycle
  • + The best instances in which to use QR codes
  • + How to use QR codes alongside variable data printing

The bottom line: combining QR codes and direct mail help make your integrated marketing campaigns more effective.