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October 27, 2014

Halloween is a Great Time for Scary Good Direct Marketing!

Halloween is big business because so many people participate in it. It’s never too soon to start planning your direct marketing activities for Halloween 2015!

Consider these numbers:

  • + 162 million people are expected to participate in Halloween activities this year. The most popular activities are handing out candy (71.1%), decorating their homes and yards (46.7%), and dressing in costume (45.8%)
  • + One-third of Americans, 54 million people, will be throwing or attending a Halloween party (33.4%)
  • + $7.4 Billion will be spent on Halloween products, and average of $77.52 per person
  • + We will spend $350 million on pet costumes! (National Retail Federation, Sept 2014)

The point is that so many people participate in Halloween, in so many ways, that virtually every business can work Halloween into their direct marketing.

  • + If your business caters to kids and their parents, send a postcard to your clients promoting your onsite jack o’ lantern carving contest
  • + Have your followers on social media post pics of their pets in costume with a special hashtag
  • + Get people to opt-in to your email marketing list by offering a “treat” and no “tricks,” such as a discount or freebie
  • + Engage your graphic designer (or hire a freelancer) to create clever in-store or in-office graphics like “How to Survive a Zombie Attack” or “Our Favorite Pumpkin Recipes” to show the fun side of your business

These are just a few of millions and millions of possibilities. Again, it’s never too early to start thinking about 2015!

Trick or Treat!


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