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November 16, 2015

Connect with Customers in Micro-Moments

Everyone talks about a call to action.  But a call to what action, exactly?  It’s not always buy, buy, buy! Consumers want different things at different times during the purchasing cycle. And sometimes they don’t want to buy anything at all – they just want to learn from your expertise  and insights.

Google and other marketing innovators have recognized this phenomenon, and the term micro-moment has been coined to help explain and categorize these elements. The consumer journey plays out in individual, unique moments – powered largely by the computers we all now carry in our pockets. The four primary micro-moments are:

  • Want-to-know moments
  • Want-to-go moments
  • Want-to-do moments
  • Want-to-buy moments

Customers are now largely driving their experiences with brands; they are the ones who decide when and how they engage with you. And their journey is no longer a straight road.

The four main categories of micro-moments:

I want to know moments: This is largely about research and educating, not selling. A customer can pop in and out of this moment at any time, so companies should work to provide readily available resources.

I want to go moments: Customers here are focused on finding local businesses; therefore, it’s critical you show up in local search results.

I want to do moments: This is where people hop on their phones or laptops mid-project, to get advice from sites such as YouTube.

I want to buy moments: When customers are ready to buy online, they expect both speed and security.

A few tips for getting started using Micro-Moments:

~ Identify the key moments in the your customers’ buying journey.

~ Know the search-related keywords your customers are using during each phase of this journey.

For example, Midwest is aware that people searching for our Mail + services might be using terms such as “direct mail,” or “lettershop.” Our commitment to brand can’t supersede search practicality.  And finally,

~ Use your website analytics to understand problem areas, such as areas and pages where consumers abandon ship mid-way to a purchase.

micro-moments direct marketing  The new customer journey is not linear!

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