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January 19, 2016

Commingling Mail Explained in One Minute

Bad news!  By itself, your mail probably doesn’t qualify for the best postal discounts. 


mail commingling


What can you do, to save on postage?


three amigos on letter sorter  First, go ahead and produce your mail.

(Lettershop Manager Sam Mazzola and VP of Sales Sean Gebbie run a letter inserter, while Customer Service Rep Al Brewer looks on)


commingle check in process Next, call a commingler. They will come get your mail.

(Operations Manager Mike V and Warehouse Manager Dave Manista check in a customer’s mail).


planning stages for commingling mail Now, your mailing is worked into a commingler’s schedule.

(Sean and our VP of Operations, Andy Phillips, are engaged in some high-level strategery).


Next, your mailing is processed with other mailings on high speed sorting equipment.


Your mail is mixed (or commingled) with other mailings … and you qualify for the lowest postage rates! 

Nicely done!

 commingled mail tray It might seem weird mixing your mail with other mailings, but that’s what happens at the USPS anyway. 

Comminglers get such great postage rates for doing this upfront work for the post office. 


 detached mail unit 1 Lastly, your mail is weighed, wrapped, certified by an on-premise USPS official, and dropped deep into the mail stream. 

(Dave rocks his new flannel shirt, as he inspects a mailing prior to shipment).


 Commingling mail: It’s a good thing!

commingle mail process


Additional quick read resources for commingling mail:

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Written by: Marketing Department at Midwest Direct


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