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January 27, 2016

Your Certified Mail Service May Have Changed!

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Our resident certified mail expert, Will, (he hates the word expert, but he knows his stuff) keeps up on the exciting action over at the Ohio Supreme Court’s rules book editing process.

In case you missed it, the proposed “AMENDMENTS TO THE RULES OF PRACTICE AND PROCEDURE IN OHIO COURTS” latest draft is in circulation – and it may impact the way you send certified mail.

We put the important part in bold:

From OHIO RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE,  RULE 4.1 Process: Methods of Service …

“Unless the serving party furnishes written instructions to the clerk that service under be made pursuant to Civ.R. 4.1(A)(1)(a), the clerk may make  service of any process by a commercial carrier service utilizing any form of delivery requiring a signed receipt. The clerk shall deliver a copy of the process and complaint or other document to be served to a commercial carrier service for delivery at the address set forth in the caption or at the address set forth in written instructions furnished to the clerk, with instructions to the carrier to return a signed receipt showing to whom  delivered, date of delivery, and address where delivered.”

What does this mean, to you? 

You can send your vital outgoing court correspondences through a private service. And this can save you a lot of hassle, trips to the post office, time, labor hours, and money!

 “In a nutshell, our court clients can use a service like Midwest, getting better data accuracy and delivery,” Will said. “But they still get the peace of mind knowing their documents are legally binding and accepted in court.”

Here’s a primer on Certified Mail … and if you have any mail-related questions, we encourage you to reach out to Will.

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