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December 9, 2015

Certified Mail Made Simple

Sending Certified Mail isn’t all that big a deal – if you send a piece here or there.

But for institutions and organizations such as court systems and law firms, insurance agencies, and countless small and mid-sized businesses, Certified Mail can be a huge drain on time, resources and postal expenses.

Midwest Direct offers a streamlined USPS-certified program with several client benefits. Our customers are able to create, send, and track Certified Mail with a few clicks from their desktop computers.

They enjoy faster delivery times, fewer address errors, and they eliminate trips to the post office! Not to mention forgetting the hassle of green cards and forms.

With our web-based software system, you can:

  • Save on postage
  • Track pieces in real time
  • See delivery and signatures
  • Retrieve data for 10 years
  • Integrate seamlessly with your system at no cost
  • Receive free training upon request

Our address correction software ensures accuracy of delivery and data. You pay only for letters sent, and you have access to legal documents that stand up in a court of law.

Customers only pay for pieces they send, and the cost per-piece includes the system, integration into their current system, online access, training, and storage for up to 10 years of all their records.

One call with Postage Expert Will Ulrich sets you up: 216 472 4918 / wulrich@mw-direct.com  


Written by: Marketing Department at Midwest Direct

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