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November 2, 2016

Barcode Tracking: Why You Should Start This Winter

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October and November mark an important time for many businesses: time to prepare for holiday sales, meet fourth quarter goals and even reach out to donors if you’re a non-profit. If you’ve read our latest article about holiday print ads, you’ll know that direct mail is still incredibly effective during this time of year. How can you ensure that your mail is being delivered on time, adjust for delays and even view metrics that can help the success of future mailings? It’s as simple as barcode tracking.

So, why now?

The most obvious answer? It’s winter. In many areas of the United States, mail may become delayed due to storms. As much as we’re still trying to avoid even thinking about donning gloves and coats, most seasonal direct mail campaigns are extremely time-sensitive and important. Beyond those winter worries, there are plenty of additional reasons why it’s a great time to get started with barcode tracking.

By utilizing barcode tracking on your mail pieces, you improve:

Responsiveness: Delays due to weather are common in the winter. By being able to track these delays, you can quickly re-adjust your timelines, allowing your sales representatives, online storefronts, social media promotions and any other multi-channel marketing pieces to be synced with when your mail arrives.

Data: Outdated or incorrect addresses can mean wasting money on people who aren’t exactly where they used to be. The feedback provided by barcode tracking allows you to better understand who these people are, allowing you to refine your contact list and ultimately improve the accuracy and reach of your campaigns.

Donations: It’s the time of year for charitable giving. If you work for a non-profit company, you’re probably in the midst of reaching out to donors for contributions, which often include forms that need to be sent back. Planning follow-up calls can often feel risky – you want to ensure your contacts have received your mailing and had a chance to look it over before you make your next step. Combining destination and origin barcode tracking allows you to view not only when your mail has been delivered, but also when they are replying back. This allows you to properly follow-up on recipients with delayed responses within an appropriate timeframe, helping you to avoid unnecessary calls and emails to those who are already in the process of donating.    

Customer Targeting: Using both destination and origin barcode tracking can help you determine which geographic locations are responding better to your campaigns. Honing in on areas where there are higher rates of interaction allows you additional assurance that your mailing budget was well-spent and reaching people who matter most. Leverage this information to incorporate a more targeted approach with future mailings, including location-based promotions, messaging and imagery.

The best thing about barcode tracking is that it’s relatively low-cost to implement – traditionally, it’s less than one dollar per thousand mail pieces. Plus… we can track Santa now, so why not track our mail, too?

Ready to get started with barcode tracking? Midwest Direct can help! Contact us to get started.

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