Large Ohio Bank - Midwest Direct

Large Ohio Bank


The Challenge


For nearly 30 years, Midwest Direct has picked up daily mail and provided Presort+ services to one of Ohio’s largest banks. While conducting our quality control audit on this customer’s mail, our Presort+ team noticed that the barcode printable area was bent. If processing started, this issue would cause the mail to lose the discounted postage rate because the barcodes would not read properly.

All of the mail that had arrived from the bank that day was bent. After further inspection, it was discovered that the fold placement (seam) on each envelope was incorrect. If processed “as is,” the bent and twisted mail would have incurred an additional postage cost of $5,840.


The Solution


Because Midwest Direct understands how critical it is for our customers to get their message and communications to their customers, our team contacted the client to discuss the problem and propose a solution. After being alerted to the problem with that day’s mail, the bank was able to correct the glitch with their envelopes so as to avoid any potential, future issues. Meanwhile, at Midwest Direct, our Presort+ team manually reshaped each piece of the bank’s mail so that it could be automated.


The Result


The bank’s mail was processed and delivered the next day without incurring any additional postage charges. This customer continues to use Midwest direct for all of their Presort+ needs.

Midwest Direct helps create and deliver our clients’ messages and communications, and can handle any issue that could impede that goal. For more information on how Midwest Direct can get your message created and delivered efficiently and effectively, contact your sales or service representative or send an email to