November 2015 - Midwest Direct


November 30, 2015

Understanding the difference between commingled mail and co-palletized mail is helpful for anyone involved in direct mailings. Commingled mail A commingled mailing is a blended mailing: Your mail is mixed with mail from other organizations in order to achieve USPS discounts.  Diverse clients, postage payment types, rates and mail piece weights are all strategically tossed Read More

November 24, 2015

Direct Mail in 8 Simple Steps     Direct mail campaigns remain a trusted, go-to marketing tactic for scores of businesses, large and small.  A well-planned and smartly executed direct marketing plan delivers a brand-boosting, measurable ROI. Whether you are going solo, or hiring a professional mail service, it’s a good idea to get a grasp Read More

November 20, 2015

“Hi there Mr. Customer, Can we come get your mail, sort it, mail it faster and ship it as close to the final destination as possible, ensure you meet all postal regulations, and save you a lot of money?” Presorting mail sells itself, once customers understand the presort mailing process.   But … there are Read More

November 17, 2015

  It’s a given that your lettershop services partner should save you time, trouble, and have a positive impact on your costs. But what else should you look for, when choosing a lettershop? 1) Customer Service Customer service should always be top of your list: Expect a face-to-face meeting or phone conference at your request, Read More

November 16, 2015

Everyone talks about a call to action.  But a call to what action, exactly?  It’s not always buy, buy, buy! Consumers want different things at different times during the purchasing cycle. And sometimes they don’t want to buy anything at all – they just want to learn from your expertise  and insights. Google and other Read More

November 13, 2015

  Undeliverable-as-addressed. It’s a thorn in the side of mailers and direct marketers everywhere. And undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mail can appear to be tough to avoid, with 40 million-plus Americans moving every year. The USPS estimates that at least 8% of standard mail is undeliverable thanks to an incorrect address – we’re talking about either missing Read More

November 11, 2015

      You know when you get a mail piece addressed to “Current Resident,” and you instantly move the piece – both mentally and literally – over to the junk pile? The simple secret to avoiding the junk pile and connecting with customers is personalization. And a great vehicle for forging those connections is Read More

November 3, 2015

The terms presort and commingle are often used interchangeably in the world of mail … sometimes even by mail professionals themselves.  But there is a difference, which is helpful to understand when you are seeking the lowest postage rates for your business or organization.     In a nutshell, presorting mail is grouping mail by Read More