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October 9, 2015

Presort Mail Services = Postage Savings

How do we save money?

It’s a simple, common question asked every day; but, the answers are increasingly elusive for operations managers and company controllers.

Labor isn’t getting cheaper.  Supplies such as paper products … not getting any cheaper.

Production processes might be getting smarter and more streamlined, but most of us can’t ultimately save much money there, either.

So where do businesses and organizations including education, manufacturing, lettershops, offices, medical services, legal outfits, etc. save money?

One often-untapped area ripe for savings is postage.

The presort mailing savings model is simple: The Post Office rewards presort mailing services for doing the lion’s share of back-end mail sorting.

In turn, they offer postage discounts that presort mailers pass on to their customers.

What’s your annual postage spend? You can probably trim 10% right off the top!

Many presort mail services will also pick up your mail. By commingling it with several other businesses’ mailings, we can provide the USPS nice, neat trays of mail sorted by zipcode … just like the Post Office prefers. 

Your mail goes out faster, costs less, and is tracked through the mail stream using intelligent mail barcodes and other technologies.

If you are not considering presort mailing and commingling services as a way to stretch your dollar – and win with postage savings – now might be the time to consider it.


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