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October 2, 2015

Direct Mail: Cooler than you think

Conventional wisdom seems to suggest that direct mail isn’t cool. It’s not as sexy as the latest digital campaign, is how the thinking goes. But direct mail is not only a reliable and smart part of a well-rounded marketing program, it can deliver stunning design, creativity and interactive options to customers.

For starters, direct mail stands out in a digital world. It lands directly in a person’s hands, versus being misdirected by digital gatekeepers. Think of programs such as Gmail: The “promotion” stuff gets funneled away and deleted. And direct mail is a great vehicle for showcasing outstanding creative. Direct mail is also a personal, targeted form of communication, and tech tools such as QR codes and PURLs secure an engaged, targeted audience.

Clean, accurate data can equal extremely local and personalized campaigns, and several USPS programs support direct mail campaigns. In short, good direct mail stands out, and it works. Additional benefits from adding physical mailings into your marketing mix:

  • Mail is actually considered cool by Millennials. Older Americans report a sentimental attachment to mail, and perceive value in getting and sending physical letters. As for Millennials, they are bombarded with, and often immune to, digital messages. Smartly designed mail stands out, and provides consumers with a uniquely tactile, positive experience.
  • Mail pieces look good on the outside, as well as on the inside, thanks to always advancing Laser printing. And, pieces connect with customers thanks to IMB delivery and tracking.
  • Data is great these days, enabling the targeting of very specific niches.
  • Personal selling is expensive, and direct mail helps support efforts such as lead generation.


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