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Political IP Targeting

Political Campaigns require the latest in marketing technology to quickly target and acquire the most voter views possible. Digital Post+ empowers you to do that by placing banner ads to key political offices or households segmented by party affiliation. Registered Democrats, Republicans, and Independents can all receive tailored messaging verified and based on empirical data -- not online cookies or “predictive models.” No other digital advertising company targets voters with the same accuracy. Digital Post+ matches physical addresses to an IP address at a 1:1 scale — then uses IP targeting to place online ads in on the screens in those homes. This may be the best secret weapon for your political campaign. When using voter databases and CRM data lists, you can rest assured that your political message is relevant and effective to the household you’re targeting.

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Get Out The Vote Get out the vote (GOTV) campaigns in a digital space are a great way to engage with your voters. Adding this application via IP targeting can ensure that you’re reaching specific households you know support your campaign.

IP Targeting On Voter Database The patented IP Targeting algorithm, which uses addresses in your voter database end pairs it with an IP address, creating a way to send digital banner and video advertisements directly into that voters home.

Venue Replay Political Events Target key locations like protests, conventions, or grassroots events to acquire high-value voter’s device IDs. Then, by mapping them to a physical and IP address, ads can be served right to their house online or in print and on their device.

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